The Equitywire Awards 2018

Celebrating Excellence In Equity Research

Equitywire is proud to present its 2018 Awards to celebrate the best in equity research from banks, brokerages and independent research houses.

Who should apply?
Nominations are open to any bank, brokerage or independent research house (UK and overseas-based) within the financial markets that has provided equity research to clients since 1 June 2017 and includes:

+ Banks (sell-side)
+ Institutional brokerages (non bank)
+ Independent research houses

Companies/analysts should nominate themselves and entries can be in either the name of the company or the analyst producing the research.

There is no charge for taking part in the awards.

Why enter?
The Equitywire Awards are the most comprehensive awards and rankings devoted to assessing and evaluating the quality of fundamental equity research. They cover all types of sell-side organisation producing equity research for the institutional financial markets and provide a unique opportunity for these companies to be ranked against equivalent providers for the research they produce.

Equitywire Awards winners and rankings results will be widely published globally to buy-side firms including fund managers, pensions funds, hedge funds and trading firms.

How are entries judged?
Awards categories are assessed by a panel of independent judges led by Professor Carol Alexander of Sussex University. For each award category there will be a maximum of 10 shortlisted companies. The judges then rank these in order from first to tenth place.

Awards Ceremony
The judges results are not announced until the award ceremony. This will take place in London in October 2018. Shortlisted companies are announced in July.

It is not obligatory for shortlisted companies to attend the ceremony and attendance (or non-attendance) will have no bearing on the judges’ decisions.

It will be possible for all shortlisted companies to purchase Equitywire Awards logos and artwork. Logos can be either generic or category specific. These will be charged at £395 + VAT per logo.

Entry deadline
The closing date for nominations is Thursday 31 July 2018.

Should you have any questions or require further information please email us at:

Good Luck!